Casa Avian Support Alliance, LLC, NGO, San Ignacio, Belize

An ex-situ conservation facility dedicated to bio-diversity conservation

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Conservation of Bio-Diversity in the Americas

On June 13, 1992 Belize signed the Convention on Biological Diversity in Rio de Janeiro, and subsequently ratified it in December of 1993.  The committee on National Biodiversity was founded in 1995, and in 1998 the Belize National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan were released.

These detailed and insightful evaluations present an assessment of the nation's biodiversity, identify the activities and processes that diminish it, and speak to the actions required to promote conservation of biodiversity.  The need for conventions addressing biological diversity and national strategies is evidenced in the alarming estimates of future species loss.  E.O. Wilson, citing work done by Simberloff on the basis of area-species relationships and the destruction of rain forests in the New World tropical mainland, suggests that within a century,

"The stage will be set...for the inevitable loss of 12% of the 704 bird species in the Amazon Basin and 15% of the plant species in South and Central America (Wilson 2003:11)."

In response to these losses the sponsors of the Casa Avian Support Alliance (CASA) propose to create a facility and a program that addresses the needs of the avian community and the conservation of biodiversity, each of which are substantial assets of the Belizean people; the facility and program are being developed in recognition of the global consequences of the conservation of Belize's biodiversity with respect to the ecology of the America's.
 (Taken from the Executive Summary of the Proposal for an Avian Rehabilitation and Release Center, submitted to the Belize Forest Department, January 2006.)

Rehabilitate, Release and Educate
The Trade in exotic birds is not Fair

Casa Avian Support Alliance was recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization by the Belize Government in February 2006, and as a Public Charity (501(c)(3)) by the Government of the United States in October of 2007.       (EIN 26-1140279 - DLN 17053360033047)

CASA’s Primary Sponsor
Casa Del Caballo Blanco

   Casa Avian Support Alliance is located on the grounds of our Project Sponsor, the eco-lodge Casa del Caballo Blanco, one of only accommodations recognized as certified "sustainable tourism destintion(s)" in Belize.
We are situated approximately 1.2 miles west of Double Street, San Ignacio Town, Cayo, Belize. 
The accommodations of CDCB can be seen at CDCB is listed by the Rain Forest Alliance on the Eco-index, and their new site Sustainable

The project sponsors are pleased to offer discounted lodging to interested volunteers and visiting professionals and to offer exclusive opportunities to tour Western Belize and Eastern Guatemala- Please review the current 9- Day Neotropical Excursion that is being offered.
The Mission and goals of CASA as expressed in the Corporate Charter are:

Casa Avian Support Alliance is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Belize on January 3, 2006. It was registered on February 7, 2006 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Its long term objective is to provide professional medical treatment and care and rehabilitation for resident and migratory birds recently released from captivity, or who have been ill or injured, and to provide lifetime care to birds that cannot be released back to their natural habitat.
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